Kara Czerniak


Let me tell you the truth, Mom.
You're surrounded by apathy (and lies...)

You’re losing your teenage daughter… day by day.

But no one seems to notice.

“Just wait it out.” “It’ll get better.” “She’ll grow out of it.”

But meanwhile… you’re losing her attention AND you’re losing your influence.

While social media, school, friends (and even enemies) are stepping into YOUR role.

Don't listen to them... there IS AN ANSWER!

What is the cost of doing nothing?

Most moms will ignore this problem.  Most moms will do nothing.  Some will get lucky, and things will work out OK.  Their daughters will make it to adulthood and beyond with nothing more than a few minor scrapes, bruises and band-aids.  But some aren’t so lucky.  We all know the mothers and daughters with the frosty, stiff relationships, or worse yet… the ones who have no relationship at all.  That could have been avoided.  You CAN avoid this, I can show you how.

And I hope you want to, at all costs, stay in her life as a trusted advisor, resource, and supporter.

Coaching Moms of Teen Daughters for Connection

What can we accomplish

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