Kara Czerniak


Moms are struggling with their
teenage daughters.

Current help for them is just NOT enough.

It's my mission to DO BETTER.

I had the perfect little girl. We had an unbreakable bond, or so I thought.  At age 11, I soon learned a painful truth.  That perfect little girl had now become a stranger to me.  She treated ME like a stranger to HER.  I’m watching our relationship crumble, the distance between us grow.  I retreated more and more, because that’s what I thought she wanted.  In truth, it was also to protect my own heart.

It began affecting my relationship with my husband as well. Why didn’t HE bear the brunt of the attacks like I did?  Why am I public enemy #1, even when we present a united front?  I began to feel jealous and resentful of his role.  He had it easy, while I was devastated.  I stayed up nights worrying, thinking about battles past, wondering what I was doing wrong, and if my daughter was just lost forever.  And even worse, was she going to hate me into adulthood?

I began searching for help, only to find that, other than family therapy, there was just not very much available.  I could read a book, but I couldn’t get support.  Looking to family and friends didn’t help either, as the prevailing advice was to “wait it out.”  “She’ll grow out of it.” “She’ll come back to you one day,” they said.

ONE DAY?!?  So what am I supposed to do in the meantime?  Allow social media, friends, and God knows who else to step into my role and be her support, and worse yet, her INFLUENCERS?  That answer was just not acceptable to me.

I decided that I was NOT going to wait it out and hope for the best.

 And so the Magnetic Moms™ program was born. 

Magnetic Moms™ teaches moms how to attract their daughter back into their sphere of influence.  I wanted to not only EDUCATE moms how to walk through this minefield, but to also SUPPORT them in their journey.  I shared my mistakes as well as the wisdom I have acquired to show you that you CAN remain in her life through this time as a powerful, influential force, while allowing her to grow up and realize her own power within.


I’m Kara, I AM a mom of a teenage daughter,
and I am NOT satisfied with the solutions offered
to us today

What I’ve found is that most moms of teen daughters feel fearful. They feel like they’re losing their daughters and will never regain that closeness.

They’re frustrated that every time they try to help her, to love her, essentially to take a step towards her, she takes 2 steps away.

So the mistake they make is chasing… trying to connect with the little girl, when what they really need to do is connect with the young woman that’s emerging, who is fundamentally different than the girl they knew.

But society is telling us that nothing can be done.  Well, I disagree and I’m not going to let moms blindly stumble through years of devastation without help!

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