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Your Relationship
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Moms of teenage daughters are in PAIN.
Why is the only answer to
'wait it out?'

Moms, I know what you’re going through.  My “storm” started in 2015.  My beautiful, sweet, loving little girl went to sleep one night, and was replaced by a moody, eye-rolling, short-tempered teenager who preferred her own company in her room for many hours to ANY time with me.

But where was my little girl who used to beg me for a ‘girls’ night?’ What happened to my little princess who wanted to snuggle on the couch and liked even more snuggles at bedtime? Why does this new version push me away no matter what I do?

Thousands (if not millions) of moms are wondering the same thing… What HAPPENED?  And to those moms who say, “Not MY daughter. She’s good.  We get along great!” — It WILL happen to YOU too!

The truth is, you’re hurting.  You feel a loss, deep in your soul.  And the person causing the pain doesn’t know it (or if she does, she doesn’t seem to care.) In fact, NO ONE seems to care.  Dad doesn’t bear the brunt of her emotional outbursts, YOU do.  School gets the best version of her, and so do others.  So why don’t YOU get to see that side?

Sometimes, she’ll give you a little glimpse of the girl that she was, only to retreat back into “battle mode” again.  Which makes you feel even worse, because you feel the loss again.  And nobody seems to understand, or have the answers… until NOW.

You Can Connect with
Your Teenage Daughter,
and Love Her Enthusiastically

You are an amazing mom.  After all — you’re here, aren’t you — looking for answers, trying to give your daughter her best life.  You deserve a great relationship with your daughter — the one you were meant to have.  You only need to make a couple small shifts in what you’re doing, and then you will:

This is possible for you.

Meet Kara

I’m Kara Czerniak, and mother-daughter coaching is my PASSION.

I’m also a speaker, educator, and author of 4 books (so far!).  I have been in business for over 30 years working with kids.  Throughout that time, I began to realize that there were moms who were struggling, but not how you think.  These weren’t new moms trying to figure out how to balance sleep and potty training. These were veteran moms.  Moms who once had a great relationship with their little girl, but now were struggling to connect with the older version of their daughter.  These moms were in REAL pain, but no one seemed to notice.  The prevailing response was, “Just wait it out… she’ll come back to you one day.”

To me, that just wasn’t good enough.  We’re supposed to endure YEARS of struggle, worry, and emotional pain with no end in sight, for 8-10 years!?!  There had to be an answer.  And when my daughter turned 11 and the same thing happened to ME, I knew I had to find it. 

With over 30 years of experience working with kids and their parents,  I am not your standard assembly line therapist or coach.  Using my unique background focusing on the brain as well as language and mindset, I deliver what you can’t get anywhere else… I help moms understand the things that are blocking her best relationship with her daughter, and with that new understanding, help them to know their daughters in a way that they never thought possible!


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